You Need Real Leadership Skills…

Leadership begins from within. Once you understand who you really are and what is important to you, then – and only then – can you learn to lead others. Much like businesses tend to take the lead by following strategic plans, people tend to flourish more and become better leaders by developing personal strategic life plans.

The Dave Thorpe Experience helps you enhance control of your life by creating your own Personal Leadership Development Plan. We act as your guide, and bring out your natural leadership attributes. Our process is clinically validated, thousands of years old, and models the science of Motivational Interviewing without criticism or judgment.

Dave can help you can achieve genuine personal growth, focus more on what’s important to you, continually elevate your general baseline of success and become more of a natural leader. It’s a must in today’s marketplace!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Joey says:

    Throughout our meetings, I have learned how to set personal goals in a step-by-step manner. This process has provoked me to take initiative when faced with obstacles. For instance, I was encouraged to call the UC Irvine Admissions Office and engage in a conversation about what I can do to improve my application for the upcoming year and question the admission criteria for transfer students.

    In addition, our meetings helped me reach my goals by creating time-driven tasks. Prior to our meetings, I would have been lethargic about researching ideal colleges, reading business newspapers, or discerning what major suits me best for my college years. Therefore, the meetings have aided me in completing research for college as well as allowing me to realize I need additional extracurricular activity. As a result, I took up an internship for real estate in Rancho Santa Fe for Summer 2009.

    By encouraging me to engage in extracurricular work, I feel that my application to transfer will be much stronger in the year to come. I believe that each meeting contributed to my knowledge by boosting my confidence, teaching me to take initiative, and helping me recognize important information about my college career. I am thankful for the experience, and plan to use my acquired knowledge from the meetings in the future.

    - Joey, University of California Merced

  2. Brett Bishop says:

    The Dave Thorpe Experience can help anyone with any phase of life. The process is tailored to the individual. The Dave Thorpe Experience is not just a dictated process that has to be followed in order to achieve success, but is a means to establish goals and achieve them based on the individual’s desires and ability. Not only does Dave help you establish goals, but it helps you achieve them with a support network. The encouragers will not dictate your path but will help and encourage you to discover and choose the path of your own. I myself know the character and integrity of the employees and stand behind them. I would recommend this to anyone who finds themselves without any drive and searching for what they should do with any particular facet of their life.

    Capt. Brett Bishop, USMC
    Squadron Pilot / Standardization Officer
    Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262

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