YOU Control The Switch Of Awareness

Awareness of our surroundings is as important as the air you breathe. We have lost sight of being aware. We are so focused on pleasing ourselves, that we have forgotten the joy of really caring, serving and being responsible fo rone another. By creating awareness to others, our life becomes richer, our relationships become deeper, our love becomes more wonderful and our anger becomes less intense.

The Dave Thorpe Experience helps you view yourself from several angles, each more revealing and flattering than most folks ever imagined.  By being aware of who we really are, we become better listeners and work with greater confidence and enthusiasm.

The Dave Thorpe Experience helps define how to change your life into what is your real desire.

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  1. Lea Petersen says:

    Hi my name is Lea and the Dave Thorpe Experience gave me a new chapter in my life.

    Dave helped me increase my positive power and relate more productively with my friends and family right away. I love it! I was able to become authentic to my true nature, my purpose, and myself. I was able to find the track that I wanted to be on and was meant to be on. I was able to re-categorize my life and be very clear, and knowing what was first to tackle.

    There was no more second guessing. It was thrilling to be able to go back to the raw material of myself and see what it revealed. I was able to validate who I am and explore what is different. It provided me with great piece of mind. I can now go back and deal with my past with unbelievable confidence. I learned ways to help myself that will be used for the rest of my life. I really liked writing about myself and felt that Path4Success really extracted the essentials inside me. I believe that anyone on this earth can go through this process and discover themselves. My life had become all about being in safe place, which was boring, and I was missing out on life. It is when you are alive that things grow.

    The Dave Thorpe Experience makes you alive and healthy. The process is so revealing. It drove into so many things in my life and helped me learn a different approach to my life and how I now treat each day, each conversation. I have become capable, I am more efficient, I am clearer, I am better able to plan and communicate, I am better able to say what I want and feel, and I process things much more efficiently. I never would have thought all this was possible. It empowered me with powerful tools that I can use whenever I want. I would recommend it to all.

    - Lea Petersen, age 28:

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