Who am I? What is my Purpose?

There are very few people who haven’t asked the perennial questions, Who am I? What am I doing here? What is the purpose for life? What is my calling? Life coach Dave Thorpe says that individuals need not look too far, as the answers are within them!

Explains Dave Thorpe, “Most people are convinced that the answers will come from an external source…that someone is going to tell it to them. I believe that the correct responses are right here within us, just waiting to be communicated.”

But if we have the answers to Who am I and others, why don’t we know them? “Ah, therein lays the problem and the need for someone like me. All of our loves and abilities and passions and talents are within us, but along our life’s journey comes a litany of things to cover them up, not unlike Egyptian treasures that sink lower and lower beneath the sands of time. To get to the treasures inside of you, a certain amount of excavation will have to occur.”

And so what are the covers to Who am I? “The list is long,” offers Thorpe. “Everything from our self-imposed fears, to cues from our culture, to injuries we’ve sustained from our well-meaning but often ill-equipped parents, they pile on and begin to make it so all of the treasures within us have a terrible time being accessed.”

And that’s where you come in? “Yes, I can help you uncover what’s beneath, so that you can communicate you, to you. And that’s really the beauty of our course and coaching. I am not some wise man claiming to have the answers to your life. I am not a guru. I am not a sage. I simply help you get training on how to remove the barriers in your life, so light can break in and reveal the answers to the questions you’ve been asking for so long. Who am I? We’ll get you to answer that.”

But let’s say someone does get the answer to Who am I? Now what? “Now life can begin to fall in place. Now the road map before you is vastly different than when you were still asking, Who am I and not getting any answers. Life will look very, very different, and what you must do to grab as much joy out of life will suddenly feel tangible and doable. It’s a remarkable process, and wonderful to witness. Most people think my life sucks. However, with the right life training, it does not!”

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