Where will your company’s next Big Idea come from?

Most business officials seek expert help from outside their business.  These “experts” are called consultants, strategists, and often fortune tellers. But the best way to find new ideas to excite your business and find the waves of the future are not from these expensive outsiders.  The real experts are your employees, the people that have been dealing with clients, vendors, and their families.

If an employer listens to employees, solicits their opinions, encourages them to be open and supports their issues…these employees give back a hundred fold.  Sadly most employers keep the door closed to effectively encouraging employees to bring out their best.  Here is how employers can improve their chances of getting the next big idea from their internal structure of employees, vendors, and their families:

  • Care – Develop a culture of caring what employees are saying and meaning
  • Listen – Have gatherings that have clout of employees and vendors to bring out new ideas, new ways to communicating, new bandwidths of thinking “outside the box.”
  • Encourage – Encourage participation by having key executives attend these meetings and provide feedback to the entire business
  • Invest – Investing time and energy into a plan that brings out the best of your employees is sound and practical.

The Dave Thorpe Experience has a simple, yet effective model that insures employees voices are heard and actually energizes employees to dig down inside themselves to find new ways to make old things better and develop new ideas. Mr Employer, you might want to seek their assistance.

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