Want more…

Every day the battle rages inside us to do or avoid doing. Here is how you may find a solution.

Some people have it all, but it is not enough.  These people think they are very smart, talented, and have answers to much.

Your neighbor just drove up in a new Ferrari…does your heart seethes with desire?

Do you need it?  Nope, you just WANT it.


Being at peace with all you have is a remarkable talent, especially since “abundance” drives our economy and pleasures.


Once you learn the trick of enjoying what you have, rather than what you don’t have, life becomes more fun and more simple.  Tough decisions become easier…and people are happier, for longer.


Take this quiz:  Name the academy award winners from two years ago, or name the biggest donors to charity last year, or describe the happiest moment of your life.


Answer: Enjoy your blessings, don’t worry about what others seek…fame is illusionary and evaporates with time and circumstances.  True happiness comes ONLY from within.  Seek it!

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