Time with your kids; molding the future…

The simple enjoyments in life

Want to enjoy your kids for LIFE? Check out these simple thoughts:

How to talk so that your children will NEVER listen!
1. Order, direct, command
2. Warn, admonish, threaten
3. Exhort, Moralize, Preach
4. Advise, offer suggestions, or Solutions
5. Lecture, Use logical arguments
6. Judge, Criticize, Blame, Disagree
7. Name call, Ridicule, Shame
8. Interpret, Diagnose, Analyze
9. Probe, Question, InterrogateThere are more, but Dr. Thomas Gordon put this list together to get our attention. This is not just for kids…its the same for co-workers, friends, and your family. Just because you think you know something does not mean the other person values your opinion, thoughts, and advise.

As an old wise man once said: “Keep your mouth shut. IF someone wants advice…they WILL ask for it”!


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