The Cost of Expertise…

To become an expert takes about 10,000 hours…that is 5 years of doing the same thing, over and over and over again.  Take a concert pianist, or a sharp-shooter, or an attorney…to be excellent all must invest time, effort and money to attain their level of expertise.

It appears that people are tuned more into the cost of “advice” than they are to the significant benefits they should gain from advice.

Ask successful business people, ask people successful in personal relationships like marriage, or ask a child in school…ask them who influenced them the most.  Rarely will you hear “I just thought it up”.  Normally, a business person will say they hired an adviser who helped them; a couple might say they struggled until they discovered an adviser that helped them; and the child might mention an amazing teacher.

Your world is not narrow.  There are many experts seeking to assist you that are available today.  Guess what the major problem is that prevents you from using them:  Your PRIDE.

You may feel it is demeaning to seek outside counsel.  You may feel you should have all the answers.  You may feel advice is too expensive or too time consuming.  You may feel that no one has the expertise you do, so of course you feel that no one will be able to help you.

Going life alone is lonely and prohibits clearly meeting your objectives (if you have any).  An adviser will help you get your life/business/ relationships in good working order….

Don’t delay…the cost of expertise is inexpensive compared to a life that is messy and out-of-control.  If you are not going in the direction you should be going, you probably could use a hand.  Don’t be bashful, find an expert…your day will become much more fun.

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