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Are you Hungry?

Are  they playing or are they hungry?  Wolves role play their aggression in order to learn to survive in the wild, like these two juvenile wolves pictured.  These wolves are encouraged by each other.  They learn to make good decisions by trial and error….just like people. The problem with humans is that we stop role […]

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Expertise results from defining and developing your passion to excel. Discover you Purpose!

Losers whine…winners celebrate…what makes a winner? In a game the winner has a better score, in combat the opposing side retreats, at work the “winner” is promoted, in life a winner is undefined.  The world makes so much of “winning” but unless a metric establishes ” a victor” winning becomes meaningless. Expertise, however, is constant […]

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Problems…How to get help

Either you are coming out of a problem, in one now, or getting ready to have one…how do you deal with problems? Some people hide under the covers, some talk to their friends, some seek their God, some go after professional help…and sadly, some do nothing! For most of our problems the correct answers are […]

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Who am I? What is my Purpose?

There are very few people who haven’t asked the perennial questions, Who am I? What am I doing here? What is the purpose for life? What is my calling? Life coach Dave Thorpe says that individuals need not look too far, as the answers are within them!

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