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Learn New Skills…

How often do you see people wasting time?  We know how important it is to respond to every text, facebook request, or call, but is that the best use of our time. These men are very skilled in their work, and you won’t find one “smartphone” amongst them.  Maybe that is because this photo was […]

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You Need Real Leadership Skills…

Leadership begins from within. Once you understand who you really are and what is important to you, then – and only then – can you learn to lead others. Much like businesses tend to take the lead by following strategic plans, people tend to flourish more and become better leaders by developing personal strategic life plans.

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YOU Control The Switch Of Awareness

Awareness of our surroundings is as important as the air you breathe. We have lost sight of being aware. We are so focused on pleasing ourselves, that we have forgotten the joy of really caring, serving and being responsible fo rone another. By creating awareness to others, our life becomes richer, our relationships become deeper, […]

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Know more about The Dave Thorpe Experience

The Dave Thorpe Experience is a program that provides a new way to life coach, in fact, to coach life for you. You might say, “I need help, I need life purpose.” It is a coaching life program for those who don’t know who to ask to ‘show me the way; hey, what is purpose for […]

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…the young man was just not using them productively. Parental concern was valid, but it wasn’t something a doctor or psychologist could fix. The son was “stuck” and his parents struggled to help him.

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Dave Thorpe, Chief Encourager at Path4Success

Hi, my name is Dave Thorpe, and for 20 years my business and personal experiences have helped shape many lives. Now that I am a senior citizen it seemed an appropriate time to assemble all the pieces I have been fortunate to learn and place them into what we now call Path4Success.

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