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How to Change….

Energy drives us all. Here is news YOU can use…there are two types of energy: A. Feed on it, Feel the Rush, Go for it, Enthusiastic, Rip roaring, I love it energy…let’s call it: Super Energy B. Low life, depressing, long faced, don’t feel rested, negative attitude, foul mouthed, just-not-working energy…let’s call it: Not Good Energy

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To Change or Not to Change: That is the Question

Are You Ready, Willing and Able? Old Hamlet kind of asked this question, too, but in a different (maybe more profound) way): “To be or not to be – THAT is the question”.

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Know more about The Dave Thorpe Experience

The Dave Thorpe Experience is a program that provides a new way to life coach, in fact, to coach life for you. You might say, “I need help, I need life purpose.” It is a coaching life program for those who don’t know who to ask to ‘show me the way; hey, what is purpose for […]

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