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Time with your kids; molding the future…

Want to enjoy your kids for LIFE? Check out these simple thoughts: How to talk so that your children will NEVER listen! 1. Order, direct, command 2. Warn, admonish, threaten 3. Exhort, Moralize, Preach 4. Advise, offer suggestions, or Solutions 5. Lecture, Use logical arguments 6. Judge, Criticize, Blame, Disagree 7. Name call, Ridicule, Shame […]

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Expertise results from defining and developing your passion to excel. Discover you Purpose!

Losers whine…winners celebrate…what makes a winner? In a game the winner has a better score, in combat the opposing side retreats, at work the “winner” is promoted, in life a winner is undefined.  The world makes so much of “winning” but unless a metric establishes ” a victor” winning becomes meaningless. Expertise, however, is constant […]

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How Rich do you want to be?

Fame, prestige, fancy clothes, expensive restaurants, servants, amazing watches, stunning jewelry, perfect muscle tone, etc. Is this what you seek from life?  Many do, yet does all this make a person happy, content, easy to live with, easy to understand, or a peace with themselves? This scrawled note belies the notion that all wealth is […]

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Flourish and Discover YOUR Purpose in life!

How much enjoyment do you achieve daily. The pilots of this massive flying structure and every pilot love what they do. There is an amazing feeling of freedom and exhileration in becoming a pilot. Discovering your life purpose may not take you into Space, but it will help you feel the same exhileration these pilots […]

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Real or Imagination at work?

Be careful of your desires. The world is not as pretty as it may look. Reality is in your purpose in life. Be real to yourself and real to others. Usually something pretty gets us going in a incorrect direction. Pretty is good, so don’t take this wrong. But pretty is used often to conceal, […]

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Discover… Develop… Flourish…

  All of us get stuck in life…it is natural.  You don’t need to stay stuck, however. Path4Success provides a scientifically verified process designed to move you from difficulty to solution, from wandering to purpose driven. The course does this by focusing on YOU and creating your very own individualized path to finding and discovering […]

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Student Motivation

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Second Chances: Do They Work?

Some years ago a friend of mine visited the Soviet Union (Russia, actually) back before the “wall” was torn down (by people on both sides who had had enough of that, and who either knew freedom or had a taste of it and wanted more). He happened to have a good deal of experience in […]

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Getting a Job These Days Can Be Hard – The Dave Thorpe Experience Can Help

Getting a job these days is hard. 28% of 20 to 45 year olds are out of work. What is amazing is our most educated Americans are in this age group. How can this happen?

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To Change or Not to Change: That is the Question

Are You Ready, Willing and Able? Old Hamlet kind of asked this question, too, but in a different (maybe more profound) way): “To be or not to be – THAT is the question”.

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