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Making Good Decisions – Do you like to Play…how about with a bear cub? Often something that appears cute is more dangerous than it seems. Teddy Roosevelt hated to be called “Teddy” until he realized it was good for his image. Images we feel are “safe” make us feel good.

I feel good eating chocolate, drinking a nice latte, or walking thru the woods. I guess that each of these have their negative side. To make choices in your life, you listened to your mom, dad, teacher, friends parents, etc, whose influence helped you determine what were good and what were bad choices.

Then you reached adulthood. Choice training moved from your “professional parents and friends” to non-professional bosses and friends. Your professional “choice teachers” became absent in your life as you gravitated towards “Work” and “Fun”.

Now you are a mature adult and making good choices may be difficult for you. It need not be so. Making good choices goes back to having a professional to help out.

Check out your resources. You probably have someone in your circle of friends that will steer you towards a person adept at helping your make great decisions with wise choices. Click here for some of Dave’s thoughts on the paths to solutions, then fill out the questionnaire below to start the journey with Dave…

Experience Solutions

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