Plan Your Work … Work Your Plan!

Business people create the flow of financial opportunity for the world to become a better place. Business people are looked up to by everyone. Giving a testimony encourages others to find hope, seek solutions and become encouraged.

The Dave Thorpe Experience has enabled business people to shift from seeking their purpose in life to helping them find their purpose in life.  The change in how they live life after receiving the benefit of Dave’s program is exciting and fulfilling to the reader.  This is a collection of various business people’s testimony as to the expectations they had going into The Dave Thorpe Experience and how those expectations were fulfilled.

Jonathan Searle, age 50: As a business owner, I found The Dave Thorpe Experience and it gave me a chance to discover the things that were really important to me, the obstacles holding me back and how to take the steps to overcome them. I believe it is a program that can help just about anyone. In fact I was so impressed, I am now on the Board of Advisors to Path4Success.

Dentist: Ed Coffey, Encinitas, California: Dave helped me in my Dental business.  Before I found the program I was going about my life and my office like a sailboat, I would go where the wind would take me, now I have a definite direction I follow that is my own choosing.  I have become very successful in my personal and professional life after participating in the program.

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  1. Regan Kingsford, Esq. says:

    The Dave Thorpe Experience has enabled me to develop important personal goals, to focus on something concrete and see it evolve as I work the exercise. Through the process Dave developed, I am recognizing my values and achieving goals based on those values. Instead of wandering aimlessly throughout my day, I have established a daily process that is critical to my personal and business growth.

    Dave has been critical in reforming old habits and developing good ones that promote a new and happier life. Dave has been a rich blessing in my life. His sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me as I continue to work with him. I highly recommend Dave Thorpe and encourage others to gain control of life and experience wonderful growth through his coaching.

    - Regan Kingsford, Esq. Southern California

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