Motivation: Do you need a Flamethrower to be Motivated?

What gets a person going?  Is it pain, opportunity, fear, desire to please…all of these?

Modern people have so much, yet the key to being motivated still slips away from our fingertips. We know we need to get out of bed and get engaged into something productive…but we are easily distracted and more easily confused.

Successful people seem to have a plan that they follow.  Unsuccessful people have no plan…maybe there is something in this planning stuff that is important.  Usually when I made a grocery list, I get everything on the list….that makes my wife happy. Often, I shop without a list and come home with a bunch of stuff that looked good in the store, but was not what anyone wanted.

I find that when I make my list, I have a better chance of accomplishing my “mission.” And when I am too lazy, moving too fast, or think I can remember what I want…I fail.

Ouch, that hurts. So what will motivate me to be motivated?

Developing a plan is not hard, following it is not hard, getting something done is not hard… the combination of all three brings success.

I need to make a P L A N.  Do you?

Do you need a Flamethrower to get Motivated?

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