Learn New Skills…

How often do you see people wasting time?  We know how important it is to respond to every text, facebook request, or call, but is that the best use of our time.

These men are very skilled in their work, and you won’t find one “smartphone” amongst them.  Maybe that is because this photo was taken 80 years ago.  What do you see? You see 11 men seemingly taking a break and relaxing 850 feet above certain death, reading the newspaper, talking with each other and eating.

Is there a lesson in this?  How about this:  Each of us have special gifts and strengths to use as we see fit to use them. But we need to discover them before we can use them.  You actually have “to do something” to learn what your gifts and strengths are.  That means you must learn to make good decisions.

Looking at these men from our “sheltered” world, it appears these guys made some seriously poor decisions…they are hanging out on a thin beam far above anything, exposed to wind and everything.  However, the picture seems to imply tranquility…they don’t seem under ANY duress, nor are they at all anxious…they are just hanging out!

Is the lesson to Do something NEW? Today you can make some good decisions that will benefit you.  Take a course somewhere and learn some new skills.  You can get off your phone and enroll in one right now.  You can even do it from your phone.  Take advantage of the freedom you have to make changes in your life.

Who knows, you may enjoy having lunch at 850 feet above New York City.

These are skilled men having “lunch” 850 feet above NYC. What kind of skills have you acquired to better do your job?

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