Experience Leadership


Leadership begins from within. Once you understand who you really are and what is important to you, then – and only then – can you learn to lead others. Much like businesses tend to take the lead by following strategic plans, people tend to flourish more and become better leaders by developing personal strategic life plans.

Dave Thorpe helps you enhance control of your life by creating your own Personal Leadership Development Plan. We act as your guide, and bring out your natural leadership attributes. Our process is clinically validated, thousands of years old, and models the science of Motivational Interviewing without criticism or judgment.

The Dave Thorpe Experience can help you can achieve genuine personal growth, focus more on what’s important to you, continually elevate your general baseline of success and become more of a natural leader. It’s a must in today’s marketplace!

Click here for a video with Dave’s thoughts on the value of leadership, then fill out the questionnaire below to start the journey with Dave…

Experience Leadership

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