How to Unleash your Imagination !

Unleash your Imagination

Unleash your Imagination

Unleashing your Imagination is what the business world desperately wants you to do.  Here are the difficulties for business.

  1. A business creates a process it wants workers to follow. The business gets “upset” when employees don’t follow “the rules” and … nothing imaginative EVER happens.
  2. Entrepreneurs create business opportunities.  Managers of process, people, and finance permit those creations to become economically feasible.  Entrepreneurs are loaded with imagination.  The managers of process and finance want NOTHING to do with creative people (and their ideas) because these managers will have to create new process … and this prevents these managers from doing what they do best … follow the process and fine tune it.
  3. This incompatible relationship between “think out of the box” and “follow my orders” are the dilemma facing modern business.

Here is how to unleash your potential to your employer.  Bosses love things thought out well.  That means they love structure and the ability to forecast opportunities in the future.  But they despise risk.

Unleashing your imagination happens in an instant. You just get an idea…Flash, Boom, B ANG…it is a stunner!  DO NOT:

  • a. forget about it
  • b. not write it down
  • c. not continue to think about it
  • d. not let it ferment in your brain


  • a. Dream about it
  • b. Make sure you write it down
  • c. Come up with your plan to make it happen

Your joy may transform the world…unleash yourself to do what has moved your creativity. That is how electricity was discovered, why you don’t go to the bathroom out of doors anymore, and why it feels so good to sleep in your bed.  Be creative. Just remember package your idea with the help of an expert before you dash off to your boss with it.  Good Luck.



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