How to Feel Good Chart

Is this how you measure “How good I feel?”

Once I hurt myself and was lying in a hospital bed in Switzerland. The Swiss nurse came in smacking her lips over a dish the hospital had prepared especially for me, as my appetite was not strong and they wanted me to eat.

When I saw what the nurse was thrilled to offer me, I about thew up, as it was a cow tongue.  I went from feeling ok to terrible quickly.

Whether it is cookie dough or chocolate that fire up “how good you feel” the bad news is that all the cookie dough in the world will not make you feel good deep down inside.  It takes something you do for yourself to feel that good.

People that go through the Dave Thorpe Experience tell me they feel good afterwards….maybe you want to give it a try. Call Dave at 760-415-7911 for your personal experience.

How to Feel Good

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