How to Change….

Energy drives us all. Here is news YOU can use…there are two types of energy:

A. Feed on it, Feel the Rush, Go for it, Enthusiastic, Rip roaring, I love it energy…let’s call it: Super Energy
B. Low life, depressing, long faced, don’t feel rested, negative attitude, foul mouthed, just-not-working energy…let’s call it: Not Good Energy

Try this scenario….traffic is stopped, you are late, pressed to do more with less, your anger bubbles over and a co-worker gets an awful earful… Great examples of “Not Good” Energy. When in this mode it is hard to be productive…we sort of drift in and out of just maintaining ourselves. The more we try to be productive the more we end up circling our wagons desperately trying to find a more positive outlook on life.

“Not Good” Energy is an easy place to dwell. The problem is getting out of it. Make no mistake you can hang around in it forever. Let’s try to give you a visual picture of the two kinds of energy. This duck is in air above the water line and in H2O below.

Think of the difference between being above water and being below it:
While under water we must hold our breath and be very careful with what we do. We know we must come up for air or our activities become severely limited.
Above the water we have a feeling of freedom…breathe when we want, go where we want…a pretty good feeling.

Not Good Energy is like being below the water line. Living our life in this state, we, shamefully enough, get used to being there…we learn to adapt to this darker world. Here are some examples of living in this NOT GOOD place:
• Tire easily
• Quick to anger
• Hard to complete things
• Difficult to enjoy relationships

The challenge is to recognize where you are and have faith that with some effort you can get above water and start living life with Super Energy. Super Energy looks like this:
• Rest is satisfying
• Slow to anger
• Things get done
• Relationships are delicious or fulfilling

Getting Super Energy takes work. Amazingly enough, many people we know have Super Energy. Look around at the people you want to hang out with because of WHO they are, rather than What toys they have….probably most of these have Super Energy. They found the effort worthwhile and tend to get up on the “right side of the bed each day,” thus finding a happy, more productive life open and available to them.

You can decide to terminate having “NOT GOOD Energy”. But only you can decide that…not your mom, dad, boss, friend, or sweetheart. They can only help you when you have made the decision that “what got you here, won’t get you there” and you want their help to change.

Here is how you can make a huge difference in your life:

Step 1 – Realize where you are and become convinced you want to escape…not temporarily, but permanently. You don’t want to have to worry about each breath of air; you want freedom to be yourself.

Step 2 – To overcome the NOT Good Energy HABIT, you will have to come to grips with putting yourself into a different space for awhile…the space takes some getting used to and is going to require some of your effort.

Step 3 – Staying above the water line requires three things:
A. Your good plan
B. People to help:
a. Encourage YOU
b. Support YOU
c. You let them hold you Accountable
C. Desire to obtain Super Energy and rid yourself of NOT GOOD Energy.

The Dave Thorpe Experience can be easy if you have the right attitude and courage to face all the obstacles that come in your way to success.

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  1. Its excellent as your other articles : D, thanks for posting .

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