How Rich do you want to be?

Fame, prestige, fancy clothes, expensive restaurants, servants, amazing watches, stunning jewelry, perfect muscle tone, etc.

Is this what you seek from life?  Many do, yet does all this make a person happy, content, easy to live with, easy to understand, or a peace with themselves?

This scrawled note belies the notion that all wealth is from things that man creates.  If purpose in your life is important to you, perhaps a quick check up of your situation is in order. Try this out:

  1. Do you have several good friends that are by your side in time of trouble?
  2. How close are you to your family?
  3. Are you doing work that energizes and satisfies you?
  4. Do you regularly donate your time to help others (not at work)?

If you are thinking “NO” to these, it might be a good time to re-calibrate what your purpose in life really is destined to become.

And finding a good person to help you may be in order…


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