How Good Are YOU?

How good are you?

How good are you?

You are as Good as you desire…so how good are you?

Desires either trap us or allow us to be free…it is a matter of personal choice. No one dictates your desire, not your boss, your wife, your kids, your friends.  Your desires spring up from inside you.

A good friend is a Psychologist that is an expert witness in the smoking industry.  He has scientific research that backs up his assertion that smoking is not addictive’; that it is a habit that can be broken.  Once the habit is disrupted, desire goes away…  Perhaps that means that desires are voluntary and that people can choose to permit themselves to be “captured” by desire or “rejoice” in the freedom of desire.

So how do you ignore desires that cripple and embrace desires that free us to excel in life.  Here are some thoughts:

1.  Since desires come from within, it is now time to discover them.  We know the bad ones, as we live with them every day.  It’s the good ones that seem to be buried. They need to surface so you can do something about them.  Try This:

Go somewhere without distractions and:

Be all alone, preferably out of doors for 30 minutes. Lay down on the grass, ground, back of your truck, anywhere that nature reigns.  DO NOT fall asleep!  Allow nature the invade your business thoughts, opposite sex thoughts, vacation thoughts, etc.  Just be still.  Focus on a bug or a leaf or a cloud, or something of nature.

Allow your mind to be OPEN, not shut in by normal thoughts.  While your mind is opening, be aware of things new to you that you may not have noticed before.  Soon your mind will be unclouded by the “issues” of your life and open to your desires.  Those that have God in their life will be better able to hear that voice.

Once something unique “hits” you, allow the thought to develop…you are getting onto where your desires birth.

Once you have a thought, it is time to develop it, then permit it to flourish…you will then be in control of your desires and have them working for you, rather than against you.

Have Fun…and practice often…it is freeing and it costs nothing…just your time about you for you…pretty refreshing.

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