Happiness for YOU

Being Happy…something everyone desires.

How to find happiness has brilliant minds working non stop seeking the magic answer.  Billions of dollars, pounds, shillings, and rupees have been poured into finding this “secret sauce” of life.  Whomever unlocks the code to happiness will have wealth beyond King Soloman’s, or so thinking goes.

The people spending fortunes seeking the formula to happiness don’t have to look much further, if they analyze why people are happy.  While my dog may be happy, it is people that want the most to be happy.

Being happy is not an event.  Happiness appears to be a state of mind.  “You look happy” says the young man to his girlfriend, as she radiates joy at seeing him.  Happiness is not a thing, it is a feeling, it is from something almost outside our body.

A feeding baby is content, a nursing mother is happy.  A little boy eating a piece of candy is thrilled, the storekeeper that gave it to him is happy.  Happiness may be a product of us doing something for another.  It is a mystery, but what a nice mystery.  Because being happy always is a positive thing.

There is no need to find life’s magic sauce on a storeshelf or the internet, as it is not there.  It is right where it has been for a long time…right in your heart.  It is ready to leap out and affect another person at a moments notice.  You are in control and it is your choice..

Pretty neat, huh !!

Happiness for YOU.

Happiness for YOU.

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