Getting a Job These Days Can Be Hard – The Dave Thorpe Experience Can Help

Getting a job these days is hard. 28% of 20 to 45 year olds are out of work. What is amazing is our most educated Americans are in this age group. How can this happen?

Let’s look at some issues:
1. Money
2. Resume

First off, less money is being spent. That causes manufacturers to make less, distributors to stock less, retailers to maximize their inventory turns, while consumers buy less and try to save more. Bottom line is employers need less people than before. That really hurts those looking for work.

Now let’s check out what employers are used to seeing. The resume that hits the employer’s desk is a page or so of data that describes “work done”. It is an attempt by a job seeker to put forth their best foot and “beat out the other job seeker.” It is sort of a dog eat dog mentality. The employer is seeking the perfect level of experience, the job seeker is trying to provide a resume that matches that level of perfection…both are frustrated.

So how should one enter the workforce, find that dream job, or feel secure in that new position? The following offers a different view of job seeking.

A new process called The Dave Thorpe Experience encourages people to develop their strengths and leverage those strengths to work/play/raise families/find a mate. By using p2s4me it will be easier to find the right job and an appealing work environment.

Normally a:
Job Seeker – wants work that satisfies and needs a resume to find this work
Employer – wants a faithful worker to perform the desired scope of work. The employer reviews resumes that announce previous employers, duties performed, titles earned, and objectives achieved; while trying to evaluate if the seeker fits a profile causing an interview.

Tough process! It’s no wonder that many jobs these days are obtained by “relationship bridging”, meaning someone knows someone that says nice things like “you should look at so and so”. Immediately, the resume becomes a secondary, instead of a primary consideration. Because the job seeker has been “referred”, the seeker becomes “more acceptable”, thus easier to interview and hire.

Wow, it sounds like “relationship bridging” is the way to get a job. Maybe…do you know enough people that will go to work for you? Do you have your important information in the heart of your important relationships?

So does your resume:
A. Boldly declare areas in which you are personally strong or
B. Describe positions held, duties performed, results achieved

Can you imagine putting this on your resume:
• that you have been personally mentored,
• that your values, beliefs, and gifts indicate that you really have something to offer an employer beyond technical expertise and skill
• that know how to listen, delegate, motivate, perform and share

…Pause for a minute. Creating a good resume is tough. We are uncertain as to the audience who will review a resume and are emphatically told to insure the resume maximizes our experience.

So let me ask you a question. Why is the business world heavy on experience and oblivious to the very things inherent in our ability to perform? In case you are wondering what drives your performance, here are a few invisible items on most resumes:
My Values
What I believe
How I am organized, how well I listen, delegate, motivate, & share
How I am an effective worker/manager/executive

Most people don’t think like this. How else can an employer “jump out of their seat” when reading about this unique individual. Since we are the most educated people in history how come interviewing has become biased towards position and company rather than the real things that mean something in the workplace?

The reason may be that values, beliefs, organization, listening, motivating, sharing, etc are lost arts. They are unspoken about in our homes and not elaborated upon in schools (except as to specific assignments). As educated as our job seekers may be they have not educated themselves about what is going on inside them…what makes them tick.

Therefore, it is difficult for a person looking for a job to dig any deeper than the other person looking for work who is elaborating upon their work experience, time on the job, title held, objectives completed. Shallow resumes make hitting a sweet spot for an employer a difficult chore.

The Dave Thorpe Experience is not an elegant new thing. It is just old fashioned common sense. It helps a person pull out of themselves the very things that make them who they are! It helps them inspire confidence in themselves and arrive at determination to use their strengths because they absolutely know their strengths and know how to use them. This makes it real easy for an employer to embrace the employees strength and to encourage them to make them part of their team.

Simply stated The Dave Thorpe Experience helps a person:
Know who they are
Know where they are going
Help them see what their destination will look like
Train and empowered them develop a plan to get them there

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