wave  271125_10151310917963856_104890201_nFlawless represents something pure, like a magnificently cut diamond, a pristine Ferrari, or the zenith of heaven.

Whatever it means to you, this is certain:  Flawless is unobtainable. This means we can strive for, but never attain it.

Now that means we have to learn to accept “less than perfection”.  Try telling that to your boss!

Most of our lives are lived in second to last place anyway.  The ones that are “first” are still not flawless, even though they might have an attitude that is “better than thou”.

So learn to live life as it is meant to be lived.  While perfection is fleeting, compassion is riveting. When disaster looms around every corner, being confident in your plan helps save the day.

You are here to live a full life. Sure money and good fortune are desirable.  But they may pale in comparison to valuable personal relationships and your desire to engage enjoyably with others.

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