EZ way to get ahead

EZ way to get ahead

Troubles are everywhere.  People forget how great you are or are too busy to help. You want to get ahead, but it is not working so far.  Here are some tips to get ahead:

1.  Effort: Yesterday, I was visiting our son-in-law and was astounded to see him immaculately dressed in his own home. His normal garb is an Arsenal Shirt, yet here he was dressed in his Sunday best coat and tie. He looked fantastic and I told him so.  He said he was getting ready for a job interview over the phone. When he recognized the puzzled look on my face as to why he was dressing up to talk to a person on the phone, who obviously could not see him, he said it made him feel better and he felt he would be better prepared to engage with the person who interviewed him.  Last night he called to say he was told after his interview they want to meet him in person. He was thrilled and so was I.  He looked his best and acted his best, and was rewarded for his effort.

2.  Preparation: A 25 year old young man’s father hired me to help his son find purpose in his life. The young man had attended junior college for 7 years and either failed or dropped out of the majority of his classes.  He said he got half way thru a semester and something happened to him that caused him to realize he did not know why he was taking courses as they did not lead to anything.  He came up with a list of things that intrigued him. That led to him researching the different businesses and finding solutions that had previously escaped him. He feels he is now better prepared to find work and a better purpose in life than idly attending classes that have no bearing on his future.

Preparation is important to keep us mentally sharp, engaged, and productive.  It is easy to prepare…so what the Nike commercial says “Just do It”.

3.  Hope: The beautiful young lady was in tears.  Her sobs were heart wrenching. She had lost the love of her life and life was now over.

It was not.  She took an assessment of herself and put together her plan. It involved going to Argentina and Chile to produce a video. She last called from Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she was a river guide and was meeting new people, making lasting relationships and blazing a new trail in her life.

Hope is not something you can grip with your hands, but you can grip it with your heart. Having faith that your efforts will produce desired results provide people with the boost that gets them out of their funk and eager to embrace life.  It also makes them more fun with their friends.

These three simple steps will get you ahead in your life.  Give them a whirl…they are inexpensive, easy to do, and provide spectacular results.

Every day the battle rages inside us to do or avoid doing. Here is how you may find a solution.

Every day the battle rages inside us to do or avoid doing. Here is how you may find a solution.

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