Expertise results from defining and developing your passion to excel. Discover you Purpose!

Losers whine…winners celebrate…what makes a winner?

In a game the winner has a better score, in combat the opposing side retreats, at work the “winner” is promoted, in life a winner is undefined.  The world makes so much of “winning” but unless a metric establishes ” a victor” winning becomes meaningless.

Expertise, however, is constant and necessary.  Experts develop value as they become skilled in their field. An expert mechanic is always sought after, even though he may have been a loser in love, games, finances, education, etc.

Developing oneself to become an expert seems a lost art.  Education is focused on curriculum, rather than practical application. Teachers teach people to learn, rather than teach them “to do.”

My friend does amazing things in his yard. Year after year he has built up her library of expertise to where others call on him for advice. I certainly look to him for expertise.  Yet he took not a single course, passed no exam, had no review by a knowledgeable group, and has no license to perform.  Still he has people driving by that stop to gaze, he has groups coming to hear from him how such and such was accomplished.  He is an expert.

Expertise comes from caring, devotion, and making errors and learning from those errors.  People that define what they desire will develop themselves in an unusual way to achieve unusual and usually very rewarding results.

Examine your life and look for areas that enable you to cultivate your expertise.  It there inside you awaiting to be recognized and challenged to succeed.

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