Are you exceptional, is your country, your belief system, or what you do exceptional?

Your identity is exceptional.  Everyone is unique.  Showing the world your uniqueness should be easy.

President Ronald Regan said that America all about a love of freedom…in each person.  This exceptional statement is exceptional throughout the world.  In no other country is individual freedom as embraced as in America.  The President admonished “that we must do a better job of getting across that America is freedom…and freedom is fragile, rare, and needs protection”.

As such “The United States must always possess the fortitude and foresight to defend itself vigilantly against enemies who abhor the dynamism and freedom organic to American exceptionalism” as quoted in an article by Robert G. Kaufman in the Orange County Register newspaper.

You, as a human being are exceptional.  In America, your exceptionalism can and will flourish. It is how you permit it to unleash itself that becomes important.  Man was not made to work by himself.

Finding the right mentor, teacher, trainer, encourager is necessary.  Going through life struggling to find your personal exceptional qualities is both awkward and difficult.

Do yourself a favor…hire a professional to help you.  You will leap forward without regret.


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