Evolution or God built?

This amazing creature supposedly has no natural enemies when mature.  Guess what man’s natural enemies are: Himself

If we are to fear only our-self, why do we struggle.   If we are to fear God, do we manage with prayer or with “I can’t control anything so why bother”?  Animal life is cruel in the wild: eat or be eaten; only the strong survive; etc.

Life does have its struggles. How we got here is less important that where are you (we) are going. If work is sucking all your energy and you find it difficult to meet family and personal obligations how do you gain?

If God made us, do we respond appropriately. If we evolved how do we respond to concern for another?  Inside each of us are very special qualities. It appears these special qualities are there for good reasons, as they have an intentional purpose in our lives and the lives of others.

Reaching inside ourselves to bring out these unique qualities is something most of us do with difficulty. That is why we need someone beside us to help us.  By trying to live our life alone, we succumb to false pride and focus on material issues. By discovering the “Gems” inside us, we have the opportunity to put these gems to excellent use.

So look about and find someone to help you find the “Gems” hidden inside you.  It may unlock many secrets: like did we evolve or is God present.

Creation: God or Evolution?

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