The Dave Thorpe Experience…awaits YOU!

Be aware that success seeks you out. The US Army had a famous motto for many years: “Be All That YOU Can BE.”

To be all that you can be is the important issue.  First you need to understand who you are. You do that by learning to discover what motivates you to succeed. People often tell me “Nothing motivates me” usually followed by “Anymore.”

The ANYMORE is important, because at one time they were motivated, but lost it and don’t know how to find it again.  Start with the simple objective of “Discover.”  It will brighten your day.

Once you have been able to discover YOU, then you want to develop YOU.  Create some ordinary tasks and put a little more energy into them…develop your skill, your enthusiasm, and your abilities will begin to flourish.

As you flourish your path for success will quickly and effectively surface.  And then all you have to do is follow it.  There is nothing like YOUR Plan for your success.

Serene Beauty…How can I feel this good?

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