Does “Purpose in Life” mean I want ACCOUNTABILITY in my life?


Wow, everyone wants me to do things I don’t want to do…life is not much fun having to follow thru on other peoples desires. Why can’t I just do what I want, when I want to do it?

As parents we go from being a cop to a coach to a consultant. Early in a kids life they do something wrong and get punished. As they grow and do something stupid we coach them on doing the right thing. Then as they become adults we parents sit on the sidelines awaiting an opportunity to offer our sage advice on whatever issue is raised by them.

As a business person, we wrestle with deadlines forced on us, with right/wrong decisions to be made without enough data or time to properly evaluate the situation, and the list goes on. The business person forces things thru the system to “make it work”…they get it done in a way that becomes expedient.

As a student there are different pressures. Students have a more entitled feeling about life…usually the burdens of making a living, raising a family, and following a call to action are not upon them. Students have huge stimuli challenging them. They feel “that my life sucks” more than any group.

So where is this article going? How does accountability fit into whether I am a parent, business person or a student?

The underlying thread of being a person is different from being a dog, cat or fish. People are accountable for their actions…nothing else are.

Simply stated lets consider 6 types of accountability:
1. I won’t be held accountable
2. I’ll be accountable to myself (Most popular)
3. I’ll be accountable to my friend (2nd most popular)
4. I’ll be accountable to a person I respect
5. I’ll be accountable to a person for a specific issue that they agree to hold me accountable for
6. I’ll be accountable for my actions and:
A. Have agreed to real pain/burden/ ( like: financial, emotional, time, etc) for non-performance
B. Have a nice reward for actually performing
C. Both A and B

Look at all 6. Can you say you use all of them? Most of us hang around levels 1 -3, some go to 4. It takes real guts to desire accountability levels 5 and 6.

You may remember the commercial from UPS “If you really need to get your package there by 10am…) UPS held themselves accountable and built a system around making sure your package arrived at its destination on time. Business build accountability systems, governments do the same.

But what about us, regular people…what is your personal accountability system? Mine used to be duck, bob, and weave…commit nothing as all I wanted was someone to show me the way to preserve my time for myself. While this was very selfish, it enabled me to “live my life the way I wanted.”

Discovering life was not fun with this method of operating, I found a way to do a better job of feeling good about myself. I found that the more things that I held myself accountable for and got done, the better I felt… and so did those around me.

Ouch…this was painful. But when I finally got into realizing that life is about accountability and that all I was doing was avoiding it, I decided to make a change in my life.

This simple view allowed me the flexibility to determine what level of accountability I desire for the task at hand. Helping people with accountability issues became one of the reasons for a new business called Path4Success. Path4Success helps people develop the good inside them and put it to work in a way that resolves many personal and business issues. It does provide a unique path to find purpose in life. You might find it helpful, so please check it out The Dave Thorpe Experience.

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