Do you “go with the flow”?

Riding a wave is fun…if you know how.  Learning how to ride, gaining expertise, is difficult. As it is with life.

Many people just want to “go with the flow” and that presents problems. If you don’t know how to “go with the flow” in life, the ride will be difficult.  Learning expertise, developing confidence, being able to teach others…that is where the real fun in life begins.  An old saying goes like this “…but fools despise wisdom and discipline…”  Most people don’t spend time developing expertise…they spend their time socializing or performing rote tasks or just not wanting to engage.

10,000 hours is a rough amount of time necessary to become an expert.  So figure 2,000 hours (40 hours a week x 50 weeks) a year, times 5 years, and you arrive at 10,000 hours.  Most people don’t spend half their working day developing their expertise, so it may take 10 or even 20 years to become an expert.

Talk to your friends, ask them how many hours they have compiled learning to surf, ski, drive a car, perform math at work, research, teach, show, demonstrate, etc.  You may be amazed at what you do know and what you could have been doing with all the time you have spent …. elsewhere.

The good news is that you are still learning, you still have the ability to put serious effort into your passion…or develop a passion for something you feel is worth learning.  A good way to get started is to find a great coach to get you going on the right track.  Find your “wave” to enjoy life to its fullest…then learn to ride it. Go gettum!

Do you “go with the wave”?

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