Do you feel “Stretched Out” with all you must do?

You want to be satisfied…not stretched in a dozen different directions. Curiosity makes us stretch our imagination. Exercise helps us stretch our bodies, effort helps us stretch our minds.  But what stretches us to be satisfied?

Every day more “things” pile on our list of items to do.  Since we don’t really get to all of them, we end up with a lurking list of “didn’t get to its”…and this hangs like a sack of stuff over us during our busy days.

Releasing you from the tedium and effort required to stuff these sort of forgotten, (but not quite) issues and put them to rest requires some effort. But it is effort that pays off.

Consider a polar bear: basic needs met: eat, rest, exercise, family.  Examining your life will look different, as your basic needs are met.  You have expanded wants that are very important to you…and those expanded wants are part of the baggage you carry around and cause you to be tired, grumpy, and sometimes not fun to be around.

Shed your burden, clear out a stuffed closet: give things away that have clogged up your life, visit a relative that will delight in seeing your smiling face, forgive another that has wronged you…

Your day will begin to sparkle…and you will be more satisfied.  Give it a whirl…it won’t hurt.

Do you feel “stretched out” with all you must do?

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