Do you do all the work?

Do you do all the work?

Do you do all the work, do you carry the burden for all those around you, are you overwhelmed?

My buddy, Marshall Ulrich, is seen in this picture traveling across Death Valley enroute to Mt Whitney some 146 miles away. He completed this task with no assistance from anyone, carrying his food and water for the journey, finding his mental strength, and made the best of a tough situation.

Many people carry burdens for others. Marshall chose to carry a huge burden because he wanted to.  You don’t have to carry huge burdens. Here is how you can stop:

  1. Look yourself in the mirror – and repeat after me “I want to be unburdened”.
  2. Make a list of your burdens that you carry for others
  3. Make a list of the burden that you carry around that are your personal burdens
  4. Prioritize each list by A – very important, B – sort of important, C – not all that important
  5. Examine all those A’s and find the one most important to you…work on that one alone until you have it out of your system.

You will feel much better and able to address the rest of your lists to resolve each of them.  It is that simple

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