Discover…who are YOU?

Who are you?  Have you discovered who you are or are you searching?

This Vietnamese lady seems perfectly content on her boat in a muddy river. She appears to await something. The rough boards of her vessel are aged with time…and probably lots of stories.

Are you as serene as she appears? Have you got your life “dialed in”? Most of us don’t, but we can do something about it.  The solution may not be having to move to Viet Nam. It may be much closer to you.

Serenity tends to come from peace within yourself. Sometimes that peace is from religion, sometimes from people, sometimes from achievement. Vacations are a good time to seek being serene.

A change in your life makes you more aware of your need for being serene. Sometimes a change in another’s life does the same thing, like going to a wedding or funeral or promotion party.

To discover who you are…really discover, is not a lightweight affair. I have developed a 28 hour process that helps people hone in on what is really important to them. Twenty-eight hours of self examination is a lot of fun … but more than fun are the results it produces.  You may not need 28 hours to determine the things so important to you that you can build a plan you believe in and get them done.  Whatever your process, take the time to discover who you are.  Then you will be closer to finding the serenity you desire out of life.

Serenity…or Work?

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