Dave Thorpe and The Dave Thorpe Experience

Dave Thorpe introduces The Dave Thorpe Experience:

“This is what The Dave Thorpe Experience is all about: real life coaching for individuals who need help — to fulfill the growing demand for helping people answer the question, “what is my purpose?”  In a unique and encouraging way Dave Thorpe can engage young adults when struggling with tough life issues and they just want someone to “show me the way!”  Dave’s Experience combines the proven approach of performance coaching with life training that shows you how to change your life.  Though it may be hard for some to admit, “I need help,” Dave’s approach can help you answer the question, “Who Am I?”  It’s a unique leadership coaching program full of encouraging ways to help you change your life.”

The Dave Thorpe Experience – Have you found yourself saying, “I want guidance” or “I want direction in my life”?   These are really challenging life issues and Dave Thorpe has been involved in life training most of his adult life.  Dave has a mentor’s heart and has lived a coaching life.  Through his shared experiences both going through his own challenges in life, as well as being a life coach, Dave has developed an approach which can help you turn your life around.

The Dave Thorpe Experience is a safe process that enables a person to understand their potential by finding out, “who am I?”  Dave provides individuals with a process to develop their attributes into self worth and self confidence.  This permits them to begin achieving objectives outside of their previous scope.  This process embodies positive encouragement and accountability and enables participants to build a daily checklist to manage their life the way they want it to be fulfilled.

Dave enables people to find out answers to questions like:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my Purpose in Life?
  3. What On Earth Am I Here For?
  4. Where am I going in life?
  5. What will it look like when I get there?
  6. When does my life stop sucking?
  7. How will I get there?

As a personal consultant Dave unpacks the big questions of personal meaning and personal motivation.  Through his “Experience” process he can show you how to change your life and points the way to a more purpose-filled life.  With a coach life can have more direction.  Are you struggling with whether your purpose in life comes from your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness?  Are you trying to find meaning in your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions?  If you want to know why you were placed on this planet and develop a clear understanding of your purpose in life, then you need to learn about the Dave Thorpe Experience.

The Dave Thorpe Experience is geared to reach three primary audiences; 1) parents, 2) students and young adults, and 3) adults who have never found answers to these questions.

PARENTS: As a parent you may find yourself frustrated because your child is not performing to your expectations.  Parents want to be able to pass their legacy on to their kids, but the child seems unwilling or unable to “do the right things”.  The child may do well in certain areas, but is not excelling in others.  The parent wants to help in those areas.  The parents want to do the “right thing”.  Often the mother sees the child in conflict with the father figure and sees no possible resolution in sight, which increases her desire to find a “safe haven” to protect the child.  The parent may realize they communication at home is basic and home life is not really encouraging to the child.  While the parent provides everything they have a certain level of expectation for the child to “step up to the plate”, which does not happen usually due to family dynamics of:

A.        Communication between parent/child is not effective

B.        Discipline in house hold lacking and usually enforced by yelling or anger

C.        Parent has not been able to pass on their “knowledge” to child and feels they are not doing their job well

D.        Little time is spent in family discussions and when time is spent the discussions usually end in someone being upset

E.         Conversations tend to be short and parents tailor them to “did you do this…” or “why did you do that”.

F.         The parent does desperately not want to be a COP, but since the child has little respect for parents issues, parents continue to be the COP.

STUDENTS and YOUNG ADULTS: The student is attending class in high school, college, or junior college, but has no clear path to as to where their education will lead them. They feel uncertain, hesitant, maybe lacking in conviction of their direction.  “Where am I going?” “What is my direction in life?” Education permits them freedom from having to announce what they intend to do in life, but these are the times they should be struggling with these questions and starting to formulate a worldview.  They seek purpose but have not found it in their friends, mentors, family relationships, school work, hobbies, activities, religion, or work.  The student knows they want to do something in life but indecision, inability to develop a vision, and distrust of the system cause them emptiness.  This may cause them to appear isolated to their parents, as the student is certainly not communicating well with them.  The student may have peer relationships with little value (just hanging around), may have no mentors, they may have weak knowledge of where success is available to them, and they may have little ability to articulate who they are and what means something to them.  Most certainly they don’t have a picture in their mind of what their destination “looks like” and are relatively blindly seeking direction to something satisfying to them.

ADULTS: Are your objectives being accomplished?  Are you experiencing frustration and or desire for change? Some of life’s challenges may encourage you to search for alternative solutions.  Where are you turning for satisfaction and joy?  Do you have healthy outlets that encourage positive behavior?  As an adult do you have a clear view of your destination in life?  Do you have a course of action you believe in?  Do you have someone like a friend or mentor or coach encouraging you to follow it?  But the plan if there is one is in disarray and the adult lacks accountability to following it.  Since the plan is in-effective or there is none, the adult just fills their day with sameness hoping for a change that never comes.  They feel rudderless.  While they may be fun on the outside, they are desperate internally.  They really want a solution to their frustration with life.

About Dave Thorpe

Do you want help finding answers?  If so, this program approach is for you.  This is a proven solution that can help you discover hope, purpose and direction.  Dave Thorpe is actively recruiting individuals who want to capitalize on this incredible life coaching opportunity.  Mr. Thorpe is a life coaching specialist with credentials and experience which can be seen at http://www.Path4Success.com.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Mr. Thorpe, please contact Dave Thorpe at dave@path4success.com or by phone at 760.415.7911.

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