Choose carefully where you want change!

Ladies and Gentlemen: People kill people; weapons are only the tool to kill people. Our issue is not with the type of weapon that is used, rather what are we doing as a society to curb the behavior of the killer.

In China a man with a knife stabbed 20 children at a school; in Connecticut 26 children were shot and killed … most of these cases involve people requiring help…they can find a weapon anywhere.

People kill people, not the weapon!

We need:
1. Parents to better love and train their kids
2. A place of love and support for those with psycho-emotional issues.
3. Parents, friends, schools, and the entertainment industry to restore a “moral compass” that better guides our children.

It is an issue of personal responsibility…for all of us.

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  1. Ford Ibbotson says:

    Well said Dave! This and most other personal responsibility and self discovery problems could be resolved with The Dave Thorpe Experience!

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