Change – Is it for YOU?

Often I am asked why Change is such a hot topic.  Here is the reason – people hate to change; they would rather continue to be proud and wrong instead of changing and doing better in their life.

Obviously, when you know you need to make some changes, it would seem prudent to do so.  But the overwhelming facts are these:

  1. If someone indicates you are wrong – you ignore them or give “lip service” to their suggestions.
  2. When you made a mistake you would rather gloss over it than confess it.
  3. Our brain sort of keeps us on a ‘track”.
  4. Change makes us think we may get off track.
  5. Change causes us to be fearful.

So how do you make change tolerable?  Good question…and the answer is…somewhere in the skies.  But here are some ideas that may help:

  • A.  Honesty…it really is the best policy.  If you are honest with others, you have a better chance of being honest with yourself.  If you are honest with yourself, you will know you need to make a change or two.
  • B.  Embrace being accountable to someone else (not your spouse).  Accountability makes it easier for us to “confess” our miss-deeds.  And confession is terrific for making change happen in your life.
  • C.  Fear is a product of a lack of faith.  If you don’t believe in what you are doing, it is hard to believe it will actually happen. You need to really
    How to overcome Excuses

    Change in life is good. Follow the ABC’s of change to overcome despair and bring satisfaction to you.

    believe that you are making changes that will benefit your future.

That is the ABC of change.  You can do it…and probably you can do a whole lot more.

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