My buddy, Mike, just texted me from his hospital bed saying he just woke up and was in pain, but his operation was successful.  Now that is cause for celebration.  I am thrilled for my friend and for his family.

Celebration is for good times.  Good times come from accomplishment of something important. In my case it was my friend’s successful operation, but it could be a birthday, promotion, new baby, graduation, etc.

Why do we celebrate?  You have got to be kidding.  You must be silly if you don’t know the answer to why we celebrate… Of course the reason is that it makes us happy!  We are eager to be part of something good, something that nurtures others, something that puts a smile on faces.

It feels great to celebrate.  We lose inhibition, we forget our troubles, we enjoy people more intensely, we begin to radiate good things, and we focus on others more that usual.

So why don’t we celebrate more often?  …beats me…it sure is nice to celebrate.  Thanks, Mike for giving me a reason to write this article…it must be time to celebrate !!garden-fireworks-cook-jenshel_64690_990x742

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