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My buddy, Mike, just texted me from his hospital bed saying he just woke up and was in pain, but his operation was successful.  Now that is cause for celebration.  I am thrilled for my friend and for his family. Celebration is for good times.  Good times come from accomplishment of something important. In my […]

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Do you do all the work?

Do you do all the work, do you carry the burden for all those around you, are you overwhelmed? My buddy, Marshall Ulrich, is seen in this picture traveling across Death Valley enroute to Mt Whitney some 146 miles away. He completed this task with no assistance from anyone, carrying his food and water for […]

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Are you Amazing? Do you want to be?

How do you get to be Amazing?  I’m reading a book by Terri Sjodin titled “Small Message, Big Impact.” If you want to be amazing, this is a terrific book to fire you up.  It lays down the basics so they are easy to understand and, if you have some drive, you will implement them. […]

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Do you “go with the flow”?

Riding a wave is fun…if you know how.  Learning how to ride, gaining expertise, is difficult. As it is with life. Many people just want to “go with the flow” and that presents problems. If you don’t know how to “go with the flow” in life, the ride will be difficult.  Learning expertise, developing confidence, being able […]

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The Dave Thorpe Experience…awaits YOU!

Be aware that success seeks you out. The US Army had a famous motto for many years: “Be All That YOU Can BE.” To be all that you can be is the important issue.  First you need to understand who you are. You do that by learning to discover what motivates you to succeed. People […]

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Flourish and Discover YOUR Purpose in life!

How much enjoyment do you achieve daily. The pilots of this massive flying structure and every pilot love what they do. There is an amazing feeling of freedom and exhileration in becoming a pilot. Discovering your life purpose may not take you into Space, but it will help you feel the same exhileration these pilots […]

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