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Are you Amazing? Do you want to be?

How do you get to be Amazing?  I’m reading a book by Terri Sjodin titled “Small Message, Big Impact.” If you want to be amazing, this is a terrific book to fire you up.  It lays down the basics so they are easy to understand and, if you have some drive, you will implement them. […]

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Beating the Odds!

Gambling is dangerous, but it is exciting and sometimes rewarding.  Some people gamble when beating a yellow light or texting while driving.  Gambling is huge and sometimes a small “bet” can reap huge returns. People like to wager, as it makes conversation fun and stirs up the pot amongst friends. Professional gamblers know all the […]

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Where will your company’s next Big Idea come from?

Most business officials seek expert help from outside their business.  These “experts” are called consultants, strategists, and often fortune tellers. But the best way to find new ideas to excite your business and find the waves of the future are not from these expensive outsiders.  The real experts are your employees, the people that have […]

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Learn New Skills…

How often do you see people wasting time?  We know how important it is to respond to every text, facebook request, or call, but is that the best use of our time. These men are very skilled in their work, and you won’t find one “smartphone” amongst them.  Maybe that is because this photo was […]

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