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Time with your kids; molding the future…

Want to enjoy your kids for LIFE? Check out these simple thoughts: How to talk so that your children will NEVER listen! 1. Order, direct, command 2. Warn, admonish, threaten 3. Exhort, Moralize, Preach 4. Advise, offer suggestions, or Solutions 5. Lecture, Use logical arguments 6. Judge, Criticize, Blame, Disagree 7. Name call, Ridicule, Shame […]

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Purpose in Life, Accountabilty, Wisdom, Helping Out

These Polar Bears don’t have to worry about their purpose in life, being accountable, having wisdom or helping out others.  Why, because they have all these things Naturally! People struggle with each of them: Purpose in Life – a bears purpose is to eat, mate, raise baby bears; a persons purpose is to eat, mate, […]

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Plan Your Work … Work Your Plan!

Business people create the flow of financial opportunity for the world to become a better place. Business people are looked up to by everyone. Giving a testimony encourages others to find hope, seek solutions and become encouraged.

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Interactions with The Dave Thorpe Experience…

Each person is affected differently by using the Dave Thorpe Experience process. Because the program is only interested in what the clients (PathFinders) are expressing about themselves, each person will have a unique experience. Capturing these experiences permits clients to encourage others to be open to the topic of “show me the way.” The testimonies provide […]

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