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Want more…

Your neighbor just drove up in a new Ferrari…does your heart seethes with desire? Do you need it?  Nope, you just WANT it.   Being at peace with all you have is a remarkable talent, especially since “abundance” drives our economy and pleasures.   Once you learn the trick of enjoying what you have, rather […]

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Love is the most generous thing you can offer of yourself.  Loving feels so good that it is still not able to be defined.  Love feels good to both people simultaneously…how cool is love…very! Love happens from reciprocity…you give to get.  If you don’t give…guess what…you don’t get.  If you life is rough and no […]

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Happiness for YOU

Being Happy…something everyone desires. How to find happiness has brilliant minds working non stop seeking the magic answer.  Billions of dollars, pounds, shillings, and rupees have been poured into finding this “secret sauce” of life.  Whomever unlocks the code to happiness will have wealth beyond King Soloman’s, or so thinking goes. The people spending fortunes […]

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3 Furry Ideas !

3 Furry Ideas is about fun.  How do you have fun in life? The furry otters in the picture splash and chase each other in the water, and have lotsafun on land. They appear to be carefree and depend each day upon nature’s provisions, as they can’t earn money, save for retirement, or visit a […]

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How to Unleash your Imagination !

Unleashing your Imagination is what the business world desperately wants you to do.  Here are the difficulties for business. A business creates a process it wants workers to follow. The business gets “upset” when employees don’t follow “the rules” and … nothing imaginative EVER happens. Entrepreneurs create business opportunities.  Managers of process, people, and finance […]

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EZ way to get ahead

EZ way to get ahead Troubles are everywhere.  People forget how great you are or are too busy to help. You want to get ahead, but it is not working so far.  Here are some tips to get ahead: 1.  Effort: Yesterday, I was visiting our son-in-law and was astounded to see him immaculately dressed […]

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Discover…who are YOU?

Who are you?  Have you discovered who you are or are you searching? This Vietnamese lady seems perfectly content on her boat in a muddy river. She appears to await something. The rough boards of her vessel are aged with time…and probably lots of stories. Are you as serene as she appears? Have you got […]

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Beating the Odds!

Gambling is dangerous, but it is exciting and sometimes rewarding.  Some people gamble when beating a yellow light or texting while driving.  Gambling is huge and sometimes a small “bet” can reap huge returns. People like to wager, as it makes conversation fun and stirs up the pot amongst friends. Professional gamblers know all the […]

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Can you Soar?

This hawk learned new skills at an early age. The hawk became aware of its surroundings and learned to prey in order to exist. Learn New Skills… A pilot friend showed me about aerobatics one day. Upside down, rolling, twisting… I am embarrassed to say that I got sick.  I did not have the skill […]

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Marshall Ulrich is a champion.  He is an all around “Ultra Athlete” that competes at a world class level.  He has climbed all the tallest mountains on every continent on his first try. He set a record for running across America.  And he is a regular person, just like you and me, with a few […]

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