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Bringing in a New Year

Bringing in a New Year celebrates getting rid of the Old and embracing the New.  Something new is treasured.  We live for new things in our life.  We go out of our way to get a new car or new present for a friend. Change is new, but controversial.  Change sort of means Pain or […]

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3 Furry Ideas !

3 Furry Ideas is about fun.  How do you have fun in life? The furry otters in the picture splash and chase each other in the water, and have lotsafun on land. They appear to be carefree and depend each day upon nature’s provisions, as they can’t earn money, save for retirement, or visit a […]

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Choose carefully where you want change!

Tragedy: Ladies and Gentlemen: People kill people; weapons are only the tool to kill people. Our issue is not with the type of weapon that is used, rather what are we doing as a society to curb the behavior of the killer. In China a man with a knife stabbed 20 children at a school; […]

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Evolution or God built?

This amazing creature supposedly has no natural enemies when mature.  Guess what man’s natural enemies are: Himself If we are to fear only our-self, why do we struggle.   If we are to fear God, do we manage with prayer or with “I can’t control anything so why bother”?  Animal life is cruel in the […]

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How to Feel Good Chart

Is this how you measure “How good I feel?” Once I hurt myself and was lying in a hospital bed in Switzerland. The Swiss nurse came in smacking her lips over a dish the hospital had prepared especially for me, as my appetite was not strong and they wanted me to eat. When I saw […]

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Expertise results from defining and developing your passion to excel. Discover you Purpose!

Losers whine…winners celebrate…what makes a winner? In a game the winner has a better score, in combat the opposing side retreats, at work the “winner” is promoted, in life a winner is undefined.  The world makes so much of “winning” but unless a metric establishes ” a victor” winning becomes meaningless. Expertise, however, is constant […]

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Mistakes – How they will work for you.

If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes. John Wooden Legends are made; John Wooden is a legend.  He says mistakes are OK…it means you are doing something (important). People are fearful of making a mistake.  They are so fearful that they Freeze and:                                           DON’T […]

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Pride: good & bad?

America appears more prideful than I remember growing up.  While everyone takes pride in their family, their work, and their hobbies or free time, how does this stack up to the measurement of “Pride”?

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Second Chances: Do They Work?

Some years ago a friend of mine visited the Soviet Union (Russia, actually) back before the “wall” was torn down (by people on both sides who had had enough of that, and who either knew freedom or had a taste of it and wanted more). He happened to have a good deal of experience in […]

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Getting a Job These Days Can Be Hard – The Dave Thorpe Experience Can Help

Getting a job these days is hard. 28% of 20 to 45 year olds are out of work. What is amazing is our most educated Americans are in this age group. How can this happen?

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