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Happiness for YOU

Being Happy…something everyone desires. How to find happiness has brilliant minds working non stop seeking the magic answer.  Billions of dollars, pounds, shillings, and rupees have been poured into finding this “secret sauce” of life.  Whomever unlocks the code to happiness will have wealth beyond King Soloman’s, or so thinking goes. The people spending fortunes […]

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Are you Balanced in your life?

We are used to routine and most people sleep their 8 hours during darkness.  Nature is balance and our lives yearn for balance. When we disrupt “balance” our lives are less comfy. We become irritable with not enough sleep, we get angry when irritated and make poor decisions, we take short cuts in life and […]

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Are you Amazing? Do you want to be?

How do you get to be Amazing?  I’m reading a book by Terri Sjodin titled “Small Message, Big Impact.” If you want to be amazing, this is a terrific book to fire you up.  It lays down the basics so they are easy to understand and, if you have some drive, you will implement them. […]

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Do you “go with the flow”?

Riding a wave is fun…if you know how.  Learning how to ride, gaining expertise, is difficult. As it is with life. Many people just want to “go with the flow” and that presents problems. If you don’t know how to “go with the flow” in life, the ride will be difficult.  Learning expertise, developing confidence, being able […]

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Am I Entitled?

Work is a horrid word.  After all, everyone should be able to have dessert and not have to work for it…right? As I walk through malls and busy shopping centers, it seems no one works anymore.  Everyone is spending, quickly and freely. That sounds good to me, but somehow it does not seem prudent to […]

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Are you leaning the right way?

The “Leaning Tower of Piza” is amazing. It seems to defy gravity…and is magnificent in stature and elegance. Each of us lean one way or another.  We don’t seem to realize it, but our friends do…just ask them: What do I talk most about? Where do you think I get my energy? Do I focus […]

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Do you feel “Stretched Out” with all you must do?

You want to be satisfied…not stretched in a dozen different directions. Curiosity makes us stretch our imagination. Exercise helps us stretch our bodies, effort helps us stretch our minds.  But what stretches us to be satisfied? Every day more “things” pile on our list of items to do.  Since we don’t really get to all […]

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Are you Hungry?

Are  they playing or are they hungry?  Wolves role play their aggression in order to learn to survive in the wild, like these two juvenile wolves pictured.  These wolves are encouraged by each other.  They learn to make good decisions by trial and error….just like people. The problem with humans is that we stop role […]

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Aspirations for Greatness

How often do we aspire to do exciting things, achieve great results, and be told we have terrific skills?  Probably, not often enough. It seems rock stars have agents, as do professional sports hero’s. Opera singers have coaches, as do baseball, football, and basketball players.  It seems that great people have stellar people “on the […]

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Evolution or God built?

This amazing creature supposedly has no natural enemies when mature.  Guess what man’s natural enemies are: Himself If we are to fear only our-self, why do we struggle.   If we are to fear God, do we manage with prayer or with “I can’t control anything so why bother”?  Animal life is cruel in the […]

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