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Are you exceptional, is your country, your belief system, or what you do exceptional? Your identity is exceptional.  Everyone is unique.  Showing the world your uniqueness should be easy. President Ronald Regan said that America all about a love of freedom…in each person.  This exceptional statement is exceptional throughout the world.  In no other country […]

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Bringing in a New Year

Bringing in a New Year celebrates getting rid of the Old and embracing the New.  Something new is treasured.  We live for new things in our life.  We go out of our way to get a new car or new present for a friend. Change is new, but controversial.  Change sort of means Pain or […]

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My buddy, Mike, just texted me from his hospital bed saying he just woke up and was in pain, but his operation was successful.  Now that is cause for celebration.  I am thrilled for my friend and for his family. Celebration is for good times.  Good times come from accomplishment of something important. In my […]

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3 Furry Ideas !

3 Furry Ideas is about fun.  How do you have fun in life? The furry otters in the picture splash and chase each other in the water, and have lotsafun on land. They appear to be carefree and depend each day upon nature’s provisions, as they can’t earn money, save for retirement, or visit a […]

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How to Unleash your Imagination !

Unleashing your Imagination is what the business world desperately wants you to do.  Here are the difficulties for business. A business creates a process it wants workers to follow. The business gets “upset” when employees don’t follow “the rules” and … nothing imaginative EVER happens. Entrepreneurs create business opportunities.  Managers of process, people, and finance […]

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Choose carefully where you want change!

Tragedy: Ladies and Gentlemen: People kill people; weapons are only the tool to kill people. Our issue is not with the type of weapon that is used, rather what are we doing as a society to curb the behavior of the killer. In China a man with a knife stabbed 20 children at a school; […]

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Am I Entitled?

Work is a horrid word.  After all, everyone should be able to have dessert and not have to work for it…right? As I walk through malls and busy shopping centers, it seems no one works anymore.  Everyone is spending, quickly and freely. That sounds good to me, but somehow it does not seem prudent to […]

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Ernest Hemingway…pearls of Wisdom

Somehow the books in school did not captivate my imagination. But they tried. Ernest Hemingway made reading fun. His practical insight into our basic desires was compelling. Today his messages are still poignant: “-Before you spend, Earn”.  Where did that come from?  Actually, spending seems easy. When we go shopping the stores are full of […]

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Aspirations for Greatness

How often do we aspire to do exciting things, achieve great results, and be told we have terrific skills?  Probably, not often enough. It seems rock stars have agents, as do professional sports hero’s. Opera singers have coaches, as do baseball, football, and basketball players.  It seems that great people have stellar people “on the […]

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How Isolated are you?

Are you walking into a Storm? Often skies are gray in our life. Our moods take on a more somber affect. We move slower and hesitate to make decisions. A pretty smart person once said “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Gray skies in our life are usually a result of […]

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