Can you Soar?

This hawk learned new skills at an early age. The hawk became aware of its surroundings and learned to prey in order to exist.

Soar or Get Left Behind…Everyone needs Skill…Never stop Learning !

Learn New Skills… A pilot friend showed me about aerobatics one day. Upside down, rolling, twisting… I am embarrassed to say that I got sick.  I did not have the skill to handle such maneuvers and my stomach rebelled.

This hawk once had the same issues, but the hawk kept trying and now is a prince of the sky…amazing to look at and a skilled pilot.

People tend to forget to continue to learn. We must feel entitled and get lazy. But learning is fun. Learning is exciting. And learning is rewarding.

Find a class, go with a friend, challenge yourself to something new. You will enjoy yourself and become a lot more productive.

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  1. Bearly Lucid says:

    Eagles may soar … but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines!

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