Best View ever…

The best view is where you can see everything. At the Olympics, it is hard to see everything, as the stadiums are huge.  From the top of Mt Whitney you can turn in a circle and see amazing distances.

But seeing is half the picture.  The other half is satisfying yourself with the view.  So the best seat in the house, might be beside someone you really care about.  Your eyes are very focused on “them” and you could be in a garbage can and you wouldn’t care.

Want the house’s best seat.  Then you need to know what you desire. If you don’t know what you want, you are hoping the view will make up for your lack of purpose!

Remember, to get what you want, you must know what you seek.  Having fun looking at the view…everyone does that.  Its like driving down the road and seeing what you see.

But when you are going to the Grand Canyon and you have done your homework and know what to expect…it is amazing.

So when you want to meet someone, or arrange a biz appointment, or amaze your date…be prepared.  Have your desires clearly focused…so you will make the best of a great opportunity.

Have Fun.

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