Beating the Odds!

Beating the Odds !

Gambling is dangerous, but it is exciting and sometimes rewarding.  Some people gamble when beating a yellow light or texting while driving.  Gambling is huge and sometimes a small “bet” can reap huge returns.

People like to wager, as it makes conversation fun and stirs up the pot amongst friends. Professional gamblers know all the reasons people will gamble on something.  But even though gamblers rarely win, they continue to try.  That is why gambling is addictive.

Life in many aspects offers opportunity for people to gamble: should I start up a business or work for someone; should I marry this person; should I use regular gas or high test?  People learn at an early age how to make good choices.

Yet when people “grow up” they often start making foolish choices and “gamble” their good fortune away.  If you or a friend thinks winning the lottery is a “good” bet, you should get some help.  It is not a good bet….and statistics will bear it out.

If you work hard for something and good comes to you, you will be cautious in “gambling” it away.  But if something comes easy to you, as in winning a bet…it is so easy to fritter it away…and expect you will win again.

Urge your friends to avoid doing risky things…and yourself.  Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!



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