Aspirations for Greatness

How often do we aspire to do exciting things, achieve great results, and be told we have terrific skills?  Probably, not often enough.

It seems rock stars have agents, as do professional sports hero’s. Opera singers have coaches, as do baseball, football, and basketball players.  It seems that great people have stellar people “on the sideline” helping them be great.

So who is helping you be great?  If the answer is “I don’t have someone”, then you may consider yourself exposed to a more arduous life.  Help only comes if you seek it, unless getting lucky is high on your list of probabilities.

Where do you look for help?  Try “The Dave Thorpe Experience,” it may be exactly what you seek. Dave can be phoned at: 760-415-7911

Exciting, Achieves great Results, Has terrific Skills…
How often do we aspire to hear these words about Ourselves?

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