Are you “Stuck”?

whyme“I try, but nothing works”;

“I deserve the promotion, but get passed over”…these comments probably indicate that you don’t have a person actively listening to you and helping you thru life’s issues….you are stuck!

Help is available, but you have to want it.  In fact, asking for help is a good first initial step.  Here is how you ask:

1.  Resolve to seek a person to come into your life from which you will accept being accountable to.

2.  Write down a list of people that fit that potential role for your life.  It could be your uncle, doctor, mechanic, friend, or co-worker.  What matters is that when you tell them that you are going to do something, you want them to hold your feet to the fire, to make sure you will get it done.

3.  Write down what you really want to change in your life.  Make it specific, make it measurable, make it time driven (like I want to do this by April, 15, 2018).

4. Now screw up the courage to make an appointment with the person that you want to be held accountable by.  You are going to ask them in person (if possible) if they will meet with you for 15 minutes.  They might want to know why you want to meet with them. Please tell them that this is a personal matter and you would like their help to make a change in your life.  It will not cost them anything, nor will it take up their time.

5. When you are meet them.  Be bold: tell them that you appreciate giving you this time.  Tell them that you realize that you need to make a change in your life and that this change is so difficult for you that you need some help to make it stick.  You would like to text (email, call, visit) them each evening at (say) 5pm that you had accomplished the task for the day that you decide is so important to you.  You don’t need to take up any of their time.  You do not want to ever have to go to them and say you did not do what you wanted to do.

Usually the right person will completely agree with you and you will develop a special relationship with this person that will help you achieve something important to you.

Good Luck…and please let me know how this is working for you.

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